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Cheryl Kelley
2012, oil on aluminum panel, 29 x 36"
Chrysler Thunderbolt, Vintage Chrysler, Delahaye, Vintage Chrysler Imperial, Lotus Front, Autorama, Oldsmobile, Green Shelby, Blue Chrysler, Cadillac, Chevy, Red Packard, Tommy's Packard, Z-Line Nascar, Vintage Chevy, Ferrari by the Bay, Chevelle with Ipod, Vintage Rolls Royce, Blue Delahaye, Yellow Delahaye, 396, Cobra, Shelby, Green Hemi Cuda, Orange Cadillac, Woody Chrysler, Lincoln, 1940 Packard, Beer Signs, Bel Air with Pink, Buick with Lady in Yellow Dress, Corvette with Big Yellow Taxi, Preacher, Purple Cadillac, Red Corvette, Roadmaster, Black and White Ford, Twilight Zone, 59 Edsel, T-Bird, Red & Grey Delahaye, Black & White Cadillac, Fuzzy Dice, Installation at Seven Bridges Foundation, Old Town, Chevy in the Park, Purple Mercury, Bugatti, Beautiful Buick, Pink Chevy, Ford GT, Yellow Chevy, Blue Corvette, Redwood Cadillac,