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John Baeder
Empire Diner
"Empire Diner"
2018, oil on canvas, 14 x 36 inches
Closed, Union Square Diner, The Salem Diner, Silver Dollar Diner, Little Ferry, NJ, Otto's Diner, Charlotte’s Diner, Ellenville, NY, The Embassy, Hot Cup Diner, Bob's Diner, My New Work, John's Diner, Market Tower, Jersey City N.J., Chadwick Square Diner, Worcester MA, Cuchi's Sweetie Dogs (N.J.), Star Diner (Dedicated to the Memory of Ivan C. Karp), New Jersey Restaurant, Sabrett's, New Jersey Restaurant, Chabalita, Empire Diner, Miss America, Rippowan Grill, Roy's Grill, Twin Grill, Yankee Flyer, Yankee Diner, Madison Plaza, Genesee Grill,