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Frank Bernarducci – Cover of Poets & Artists

Frank Bernarducci, a longtime 57th Street art dealer and champion of realist painters, has opened a 4,000 square foot ground floor space in Chelsea. Bernarducci Gallery continues to exhibit contemporary realist painting, specializing in New Precisionism. The Gallery represents many of the established painters with whom Bernarducci has had a long relationship, as well as the work of emerging artists.

Bernarducci began his career as an art dealer, following in his father’s footsteps. Frank Sr., a painter and student of the Hans Hofmann School of Art, was a founding member of the Phoenix Gallery, established in 1958 at the height of the abstract expressionist movement known as The New York School. In 1984, Frank Jr. opened the Frank Bernarducci Gallery across the street from Andy Warhol’s Union Square factory, exhibiting work by such artists as David Wojnarowicz, Martin Wong, Daze, Rick Prol, Futura, Ronnie Cutrone, Rammelzee and Keith Haring. He curated shows not only in the gallery setting but at nightclubs as well, including Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager’s Palladium.

As his program evolved, Bernarducci began to exhibit more contemporary realism and mounted solo shows by Stephen Hannock and Robert Terry, as well as survey exhibitions that included work by prominent realist painters such as Martha Diamond and Jane Freilicher. By the late 1980s, Bernarducci moved the operation to SoHo on Broadway and Prince Street where he continued showing primarily emerging artists.

Throughout the 1990s Bernarducci worked as director of two important realist galleries – Tastischeff and Co and Fischbach Gallery, both on 57th Street. There he represented the paintings of John Stuart Ingle, Jane Wilson, Leigh Behnke, Lois Dodd and many others, including G. Daniel Massad, whom he continues to represent. In 2000 he opened Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, where he worked to establish and elevate the careers of well known realist and hyperrealist artists, such as the West Coast pop artist Mel Ramos, placing their works in important public and private collections.

In Chelsea, Bernarducci continues his longstanding interest in realism, specifically New Precisionist painting, bringing both emerging and established artists’ works into the mainstream. Bernarducci Gallery is also actively involved in the secondary market of artists important to its history, including Richard Estes, Ralph Goings, and Robert Cottingham.

“I am looking forward to this next step in the careers of my artists, creating this high-profile environment to more prominently display the work I have been championing for decades. They are at the pinnacle of their artistic output. Chelsea continues to be a burgeoning center of the contemporary art world and I’m excited to present their work in such a vibrant part of the city. This new location will maximize our ability to present these highly detailed Precisionist works to a wider audience.”

Frank Bernarducci – Cover of Poets & Artists

Frank Bernarducci discusses his artists, his background in the art world, and his relationship with the Seven Bridges Collection.